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Environmental Testing Associates (ETA) is a professional residential and commercial indoor air quality service company specializing in state-of-the-art inspections and testing of indoor contaminants throughout Western Oregon. Our field of expertise includes mold inspections, mold testing, bacteria and arsenic testing, asbestos and lead sampling, volatile organic compounds (VOC) analysis and documentation. Ancillary services include pre and post-remediation testing, infrared thermography and third-party project oversight.


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Our clientele includes owners, tenants, managers, financiers and insurers of large and small residential, commercial, industrial, and educational properties, for both the private sector and government agencies. ETA can handle jobs of any size. 



Mold Inspection & Testing | Infrared Thermography | Pre & Post-Remediation Testing | Asbestos Testing | Bacteria Testing |  Allergen Screening| Volatile Organic Compounds