"I found ETA on the internet. Their website was very informative and I was able to email them a request for an inspection of my house and they got back to me the next day, which by the way was a Sunday! They came and inspected the house the next day. Lab results came back within the time frame they gave me. They were very knowledgeable and courteous. We were very pleased with their service."

~ D. Burke

"We wish to thank you for the professional manner in which you conducted yourself throughout the mold inspection and testing process of our home. From the beginning, all my telephone calls and questions were answered. In addition, you inspected our home on less than 24 hours notice and the inspection report was sent within the expedited 24 hour period as promised. We appreciate taking the time to explain your findings and we would heartily recommend that others use your services."

~ the Fraher family

"Thank you for your help. It is rather stressful to buy a new home - then after the fact - find out that there is water damage to our home and (gasp) the possibility of mold. I was a bit of a skeptic about the tests and not sure what the services would do for us. Now I realize that having our home tested eased many fears and allowed us to isolate a possible mold problem. Luckily, it was not as detrimental as what I had imagined it to be and worth the peace of mind to have our house tested for mold. The thorough analyses of the outside of our home and recommendation that we adjust our sprinkler system from over watering was really beneficial in reducing moisture from hitting our home. ETA is very professional and personable. I felt comfortable with ETA in our home and that's not typical for us.

~  E. Garcia

"I’m an real estate agent and have used Environmental Testing Associates many times in the last several years. Their inspections and testing have assisted my clients greatly and have helped provide additional information regarding various properties. In several instances, ETA has identified problem areas that the general home inspectors missed. As a result, I have found their services to be vital in a comprehensive evaluation of a property. ETA inspector's calm and levelheaded approach is very helpful when encountering stressful circumstances. Their integrity is evident in all phases of the inspection process.

~ Debbi Houshar

"I have had the pleasure of working with Environmental Testing Associates for approximately one year. In all my dealings, ETA has been extremely proficient and very professional. They are knowledgeable in their field of expertise and it shows in their reports. We at Clean Earth are very pleased to be associated with ETA and highly recommend their services."

~ Paul Sukatski

"One of the best and smartest things I have ever done is hireEnvironmental Testing Associates to perform a mold inspection. About a month ago, I was in the inspection stage of buying my first home and I thought it prudent to have a certified mold inspector look at my house as some mold had already been detected by myself in an independent inspection. I went on the internet and found Environmental Testing Associates. They spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me explaining the benefits of a mold inspection as well as the different things to look for, etc. They were extremely knowledgeable yet explained everything so that I could understand and was very kind and listened well. I felt very comfortable with him and appreciated the fact that his company does not perform remediation tasks, just inspections, as they feel it is a conflict of interest. I set up a time to meet him at my prospective new house and he performed a thorough inspection, took samples and turned around a report in 48 hours. I am very glad I got the inspection because it uncovered a serious mold problem that the sellers failed to disclose. If I had not had the inspection, I would be faced with serious problems today. Nobody should buy a house without a mold inspection performed by ETA. I am living proof that it saved me thousands of dollars in mold remediation. "

~ Erin K. Baldwin

"I was in escrow on a house and the contingency period was extremely short. My husband had to go out of town at the last moment, and I was left with all the inspections to get taken care of. I only had five days (two of which were Saturday and Sunday).

I found Environmental Testing Associates online and called. I told him my circumstance of running out of time and he was very professional and came out to do the mold inspection the very next day so I could have my inspection done in time. They are very professional and explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. They were extremely knowledgeable about mold. I have a lot more knowledge now about mold than I did before talking with them.

I had to have the samples expedited because of the timeframe of our contingencies. They promised they would be done in time and they were. The results of the testing were not good and he saved us a ton of money - we cancelled our escrow. If we had not known what existed in this home, it would have cost us at least a hundred thousand dollars to fix, probably more. Plus, more importantly, our family would have been living in a hazardous environment. I can't recommend ETA enough. In a world where companies say they'll get the job done, make promises they don't keep and are unprofessional, the company gave me hope that there are good, honest people who run good, honest companies. I would recommend him/his company to anyone who was looking for a mold inspection company.

Spending the money on a mold inspection is worth it's weight in gold. It will also give you piece of mind that what you're buying is safe to live in - for you and your family."

~ Thank you, Debbie L

"I wanted to thank you again for your work and tell you what I valued as your client. I really appreciated the way you spoke and interacted with me like a friend instead of a haughty businessman. I appreciated your "down to earth" personality. Just real people talking about real stuff."

~ J. Augustine D.C.